The PST Controller is designed specifically to provide automatic and remote manual partial valve stroke testing of any pneumatic or hydraulic quarter-turn or linear on/off valve automation system.


Any on/off valve automation application where system availability is a critical requirement.

Key Features

  • Valve travel confirmation by a position transmitter to allow for automatic documentation of test results
  • Position and time of transit operation
  • Documentation by means of memory card or download
  • Partial valve stroke testing can be initiated by:
    • a handheld infrared controller
    • an analogue signal
    • a digital signal
  • When partial valve stroke testing is initiated, the valve will automatically move to a preset position and immediately return to its normal position after
  • Data logging during partial valve stroke testing to ensure full system availability and compliance
  • Partial valve stroke test data logging with comprehensive diagnostics package
  • Support for HART, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus communication
  • Safety function ensures any emergency command will override a active partial valve stroke test
  • ATEX certified

Key Benefits

  • Increased System Availability
    By partially moving a valve on a regular basis, the PFD is dramatically reduced without impacting normal process operation
  • Reduced Testing Costs
    Since the partial valve stroke testing can be undertaken automatically, or manually from a remote location, expensive manual field tests can be eliminated without affecting system availability
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
    With comprehensive data logging during partial valve stroke testing, potential valve failures can be identified long before they become critical and affect normal process operation, endanger plant personnel or result in damage to equipment or the environment. Analysis of the logged data allows operators to implement cost effective predictive maintenance programs and avoid unnecessary maintenance activities
  • System Failure Alarm
    In the event that a valve fails to move during a partial valve stroke test, the test is immediately aborted and an alarm generated
  • Automatic Compliance
    Automatic partial valve stroke testing with date stamped data logs allows operators to prove compliance with any mandatory testing requirements
  • Robust, Compact & Cost Effective
    The PST Controller is supplied as part of a fully manifolded hydraulic SIS valve automation system. The fully manifolded system reduces the likelihood of hydraulic leakage through poorly installed hydraulic tubing connections and/or through exposed tubing which is vulnerable to mechanical damage during transit or normal operation.


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